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So where is Book 2?

I can see those Google searches and I’ve read all the messages or emails you guys have sent (and responded to all, I believe). There’s been tweets. There’s been Facebook … Continue reading

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Who wants a nibble of Book 2?

As promised, here is your sneak peek into Book 2 of the Burden of the Soul series. We’ll keep you posted on its upcoming release later next month. In the … Continue reading

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Download Burden of the Soul (Book 1) for Free

It took a bit to get most of the distribution channels to play nice, but some are coming around and I’m happy to announce Burden of the Soul (Book 1) … Continue reading

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Burden of the Soul sequel to come

I can’t thank you all enough for being so supportive and patient as I work on the sequel(s) to Burden of the Soul. I’ve gotten some comments here, posts on … Continue reading

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The Character POV Contest!

I’m working on a bit of a bonus for all of you wonderful, oh-so-patient Burden of the Soul readers to tie you over until the release of Book 2 later this year. … Continue reading

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Hey, Book Clubs… let’s Skype!

I’m getting messages and comments from a bunch of readers about Burden of the Soul, and keep those messages coming! I love hearing what you think and about your reading … Continue reading

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Playing hooky by the Muses’ request

Sometimes I liken writing “for pleasure” to working out. You always feel amazing after you do it, but man is it tough to get yourself going. Particularly when it’s not … Continue reading

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On my nightstand

To bring you all up to speed, a couple months ago I made a drastic decision… to cancel cable and internet in my home. I KNOW! It was shocking and … Continue reading

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Most Frequently Asked Question…

I’m going to cut Google some slack here and make it really easy for you guys… (Most popular search phrases for my blog) Is there a sequel to Burden of … Continue reading

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“I must start by just saying WOW!!!!!”

I love it when reviews of Burden of the Soul start off with simply “Wow!” They’re floating out there on the Web, on Amazon and Goodreads. Also in my email … Continue reading

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What is A Bit of Grace?

At first it was me – a wink-and-a-smile way of saying you can find a little bit of me in these pages, which you can. But now, the term A … Continue reading

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I’ve Moved! www.kategracewrites.com

Just a heads up for everyone. I’ve moved my Internet Self over to http://www.kategracewrites.com and http://www.abitofgrace.com will be expiring soon. You can catch me on Twitter, Facebook and even Instagram … Continue reading

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New Site, New Blog, New EVERYTHING On Its Way

We’ll be retiring this “site” and blog now that we’ve got the new one up and running for Kate Grace. There’s a new blog and links to her social network … Continue reading

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I’m still alive… I swear.

I know what you’re thinking… “What the crap, Kate?!?!” A valid question. So many of you invested your time (and emotion) into reading Burden of the Soul a couple years ago. So … Continue reading

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Sneak Peek Week

There are lots of questions coming in about the sequel to Burden of the Soul, and I can’t thank you guys enough for your patience while I told life obstacles … Continue reading

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