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Along Came Bree

I’m so excited to announce that I have officially signed with Bree Ogden, a literary agent at Martin Literary Management.

I was sprawled out on the couch watching Star Wars: Attack of the Clones on Spike TV when her email beeped through my phone. Through the course of the day I kept going back to that email, reading it over and over expecting to find a post script I missed earlier along the lines of “But unfortunately I’m unable…”, “Despite this, I can’t…”, “Gotcha, you suckah!”

Amazingly… the offer of representation was there each time, but it still wasn’t enough to shake me out of the state of shock I must have slipped into. I called a few friends, got their voicemails and told them to call me back. When they called back each one said my message sounded as if someone had died.

“Someone did die.”

That’s Shannon, a dear and sassy friend since college. Shannon and I had roughly one year in the same city before we both ran off in opposite directions across the country after graduation. Our friendship is pretty much based on phone dates and discreet IMs  in work cubicles. She had this little nugget of wisdom for me the other night on our weekly phone date.

“The person you were up to this point is dead now. You thought you couldn’t do it. Then you did it. Then you doubted it would go farther. Now it is. Every challenge you’ve taken on you fought and fought on your own until you got there. Now you have an advocate. Everything will change now, for the better.”

Don’t hold me down to the word, but that’s basically what she said and probably far more beautifully (she has a way of saying beautiful things).

So we’ve decided that we shall now refer to my life thus far in two parts: BB and AB (Before Bree and After Bree).

The shock is beginning to wear off and the pure excitement and joy is blossoming as I begin to see the full picture – just how perfect a match Bree Ogden is for me, how wonderful her list of clients are (and welcoming too!),…

…and the fact there is now someone to climb these mountains with.

What’s next? Some serious climbing. But first, I have to rent all the Star Wars movies… I didn’t give them the full attention they deserve that day. I was a bit distracted.

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