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Dear Michigan Drivers,

You are crazy. And here’s the thing… this diagnosis is coming from someone who has lived in both Chicago and New York City. Manhattan, no less!

It’s as if the collective opinion is that since Michigan invented the automobile, that you are all somehow immune to them. As if you all have a super power by association with the state. A super power that will render you victorious if your car collides with another car, or a semi truck or a phone pole.

Let me be the first to say this is not true. And assuming you have some sort of super power immunity to being tossed through your windshield to your death does not mean you get to drive your Ford Fiesta as if it were the Bat Mobile.

Let me also be the first to say your Ford Fiesta is NOT the Bat Mobile.

So chill out a bit. I realize this state has given you every reason to store pent up aggression and frustration, but lets not take it out through hairline swerving and merging on the freeway at 80 MPH (by the way, the limit is 70).

So take up knitting, write an angry poem, make yourself a Kwame voodoo doll… find another way to take out that aggression. Cause you, dear Michigander, have a pretty face and I would hate to see it imprinted on the car’s bumper ahead of you.

So stay pretty, Michigan! And slow your roll.


A Concerned Driver Who Wants to Live to Drive Another Day

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