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Epic Christine – A Poem for my 100th Follower

Tucked away in Lancaster, PA lives our heroine Christine. A mom, a wife, a lover of life. She may even teach your teen.

But behind this veil lies the sordid trail that brought her to this place. A change of name, to win the game, for danger she did face.

A secret agent our government sent to the country of Belize. To find the prize hidden by lies and the Caribbean Sea.

For on the Sea’s floor, was a secret door that led into a cave. Down into the dark, I’ve heard locals remark, “Enter only if you are brave.”

Without hesitation, continues this narration along with the journey of Christine. Down she sank past the water’s bank to the Sea’s floor so pristine.

The marks of struggle from those who would smuggle the treasure, safe and sound, lined the door confirming the lore of those who tried and drowned.

But she I assure, with a heart so pure, the cave would surely allow… to enter its domain, travel its terrain – uncharted until now.

Her heart pounded, as the cave surrounded, swallowing her whole. But onward she went with rooted intent – the purpose of her soul.

Time passed, but onward she pressed until her eye caught a glint. A shimmering light, a speck so slight, the first magical hint.

Then around her swirled a magical world – she was not alone. Around her breezed, and playfully teased, beings never known.

They laughed and sang, their voices rang, carried by the water’s graceful waves. Charged to protect, the treasure perfect – Merpeople of the caves.

“Don’t think you’re screwed,” the Merpeople cooed. “But the treasure doesn’t exist. Not in the way others would say.” Christine thought, “They’re gonna be pissed.”

“The treasure is not of the golden lot – ruby, diamond or gem. It is a truth about the fountain of youth, and we could not give it to them.”

With tones so clear, they sang in her ear, the secret so long withheld. Then pulled her out, the cave’s jagged spout. “Share only with the pure,” they yelled.

To the surface she rose, with the secret in tow, filed safely in her mind. And saw the crowd yelling aloud, “Christine, what did you find?”

“Nothing,” she lied. “But believe me, I tried.” Officials didn’t believe. For they knew if it were they, with secrets to convey, they too would deceive.

They locked her away, smelling foul play, but under the night sky she fled. Back to the US, to DC you may guess, but no…into hiding instead.

The truth she could not give to those who would live, using the secret for only power. Alone and sad, she went slightly mad, until one fateful hour.

She met a man, love’s growth began. Finally with someone she could share. From what I’ve heard, she’s now Mrs. Leonard. And they make a wonderful pair. 

The secret she told, and now the two withhold, it’s magic from the unpure. But share it they must, but with those they trust, to keep the secret secure.

Teachers they became, under the Leonard name, and to their students they transferred. The magical truth for the fountain of youth – the power of the written word.

For treasure one doesn’t need, to travel to Belize, but rather open up a book. The fountain lies, in every mind if only each would look.

The imagination holds, magic that unfolds, with every page you turn. It sets you free, and you would agree, for that so many yearn.

So under the disguise, outside the Government’s eyes, Christine continues to teach, teenagers abound of the secret she found – the power of their imagination each.

Thus ends this story and the continued glory Christine commits to pass… to young minds that have yet, succumbed to the threat to conform to “thought’ en masse.

So thank you Christine, for your work unseen, and for being my lucky 100. I hope you are happy with this poem so sappy, though the rhyming sometimes blundered.


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