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Operation Tweet Pj

Dear readers and followers, friends and colleagues – I need your help.

We’ve all been in that place as writers or artists where finding the time or motivation to create was a chore. It seemed impossible. With responsibilities piled up like a mountain of newspapers in an episode of Hoarders, it’s difficult sometimes to justify putting that time aside for yourself as a writer to write.

When you’re an employee or boss, parent or caregiver… when you are the one so many others rely on, it’s often difficult to remember that our “Inner Writer” also relies on us to clear away that block of time so it can stretch out its joints and put its ideas on the page.

Enter my friend Pj, an insanely talented guy who has a manuscript just ITCHING to be finished. But Pj also has that Hoarders pile of responsibilities and could use that extra bit of encouragement to find some time, even if it’s only an hour here and there to start with, to give to his manuscript, which when finished will melt your faces off!

So post some comments of encouragement to him. (He’s also a comedian, so feel free to poke a little… he can take it!)

Or better yet… Please send Pj a tweet. Tweet as the “get down to business” drill sergeant. Tweet as the soft, nurturing voice offering up inspirational quotes or “You can do it” sentiments. Tweet as the cheerleader. Just make sure to get on him about it.

Honestly, he’s too awesome for all of us to miss out on as readers.

Operation Tweet Pj in 1…..2…..3….. GO!

UPDATE: You can use the hashtag #motivatepj on Twitter to post encouragement, support, groveling or barking… whatever your motivational style may be!

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