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"Daddy Tickles Mommy, and it’s AWFUL!"

I promised my friend I would start this entry with “So my two friends who live in CANADA were having relations…” in exchange for her allowing me to use her story. So here goes:

So my two friends who live in CANADA (wink, wink) were having relations a few afternoons ago while their two young daughters napped down the hall. The bedroom door was locked, or so they thought.

“I’m an awful parent,” she said, relaying the day’s events to me. “My [Canadian] child is traumatized!”

Apparently, after her husband panicked and ran to the bathroom (forgetting to bring clothes with him) to hide, my friend was left to explain to her five-year-old daughter that sometimes “Daddy tickles Mommy”.

“With his bare butt?!” her daughter asked. (Valid question)

“Yes, because… he’s funny.”

Her daughter then left the room, headed down the hall and yelled out to her younger sister, “Daddy was tickling Mommy with his naked butt and it was AWFUL!”

Through laughter I tried to explain to her that everyone has stories like this, whether as parents who have been walked in on or as kids walking in on some tickling action. My mom continually tells the story of when her and my dad were… tickling (BLARGH!)… and they suddenly felt the bed sink on one side. My older brother had come into the room and crawled into bed with them like a ninja.

I started asking around and sure enough, I was right. Everyone has stories like this (except for the guy who’s son is a bit clumsy and therefore unintentionally announces his approach long before he’s at the bedroom door).

My favorite so far after collecting the stories was the girl who heard mommy yelling in pain and went in to find daddy attacking mommy. She grabbed something off the dresser and threw it at his head. Bulls Eye!

No greater theme to life in this one. Just a fun realization of how utterly ridiculous “tickling” must seem to kids.


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