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Homework, Bree/HC Noel/D.M. Cunningham Style

My doctor gave me an illustrated pamphlet years ago called “Your Reproductive Organs and You!” That’s the extent of my familiarity with graphic novels. So in other words, none.

It’s all so overwhelming and I have no idea where to begin on my own. Lucky for me I am now a member of the Bree-Pod (self-nicknamed client list of the amazing beauty and literary agent, Ms. Bree Ogden) which is home to many a learned graphic novel scholar.

After being chastised and metaphorically put on a spit to burn for not capitalizing “Batman”, I called “UNCLE” and admitted the need to rectify this horrible absence in my reading repertoire.

So here is my “Mandatory Reading Lists” according to the great Bree Ogden, HC Noel and D. M. Cunningham.

Dark Knight Returns

The Killing Joke

Identity Crisis

Kingdom Come

OMAC Project

Batman: Chronicles Vol. 1


Long Halloween

Dark Victory

Man Who Laughs

The Joker

The list is still growing as two of the three chat it out and we await the contributions of the third (which will undoubtedly be a ferocious contribution giving that HE had me burning on the mental spit a mere 24 hours ago).

So here’s the question… any bookies (the book worm types like me who love reading but have never ventured into the world of comics or graphic novels) want to join me?

Granted I just heard a “Oh COME ON!” echo from my pile of “Strand 80” books patiently waiting for my attention, but I think this is equally important and will be a greater stretch for me.

Who’s up for it?!?!

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