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Meet the Peas Interview Series: Bree Ogden

Pod: noun

      1. An elongated vessel, as in bean or pea

      2. A protective compartment

Breepod: noun

      1. Literary Agent Bree Ogden’s client list, as nicknamed by said client list.

The Meet the Peas interview series is intended to give readers a closer look at the personality that makes up Bree Ogden’s Client List. And let’s be real for a second, this group is bursting at the seams with personality.

So first up, our fearless leader – Bree Ogden

What was your most embarrassing moment either as a child or adult?

Church talk. I’m 16. I’m in front of the entire congregation. I’m telling a story about a boy who shattered his hip. I was nervous. I said, “…and then he shit…” ::dead silence:: I mixed up ‘shattered’ and ‘hip.’ Humiliating. 

When was your first date and/or kiss?

I think my last date was in 1954, I was wearing a poodle skirt and he had a pompadour. So we’ll go with first kiss. 8th grade. He was a dream then and a dream now. He looks like Ryan Gosling… Probably the hottest kid I have ever kissed. That was roughly 13 years ago. Sad. 

Following the “Breakfast Club” rules to sweeping generalization stereotypes, what kind of teenager were you?

Part of me was Claire Standish, (The Princess) because I was a spoiled brat who liked to do that sweet kick dance whenever I got the chance. But baby, you better believe the greater part of me was Allison Reynolds (The Basket Case). I went to a performing arts school. We were all Allison—odd and thought we were misunderstood. We used to joke that we were the public school rejects. Let’s just say I was the Princess of Basket Case Land. 

Guilty Pleasures: Song? Movie? TV Show?

Song: Bryan Adams’ Summer of 69. Also Paris Hilton’s Stars are Blind. It’s so addicting. That WAS my best kept secret.

Movie: How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. Love it. It made me want to become a journalist. Ha. Composure Magazine. Haha. Laaame.  

TV Show: I don’t know, man. I watch some pretty stellar TV programs. But I guess I would have to go with any one of those real life mid-day small claims court shows. Doesn’t matter the judge. They are all winners. If you had asked me this 7 years ago it would have been Days of Our Lives. 

What was the best meal you have ever had?

My parents live in England. I hadn’t seen them forever. We went to this crazy Black Country Museum and they served us fish and chips in rolled up butcher paper. The grease was tinting the thick layers of paper. It should have been disgusting. It was amazing. Meals are about company. And my parents are the best company in the world. My dad says cheers and wears one of those cute little British Newsie caps. He’s been American for 63 years. Haha. Like I said, best fish and chips companions ever. Thus, best meal ever.

What’s something on your Bucket List you haven’t tried yet? Why is it on the List? Why haven’t you tried it?

I literally just pulled out my bucket list…I have it written down.

I really want to have my own art exhibit. A very specific art exhibit. It goes like this: a 4×4 room, completely white, blank walls, floor to ceiling. Except for my art of course. Only one person is allowed to enter at a time, because I hate when people hover over me when I am viewing art. And each viewer can take as long as they want. Days.. if they are so inclined. Each individual piece of art will be accompanied by a Why? song, and if I am lucky enough, Why? will compose music specifically for my art.

This is on my list because it combines all of my deepest passions: art, solid white rooms, being alone, contemplating creativity, and Why?. It hasn’t happened yet because well…really? I’m sure you can figure that out. But it will happen. It will. 

What’s a story about you your Mother always tells?

In sixth grade I finally became a part of the popular group. But I was more like a runner for the popular group. I did crap for them. Jerks. Anyway, I was a bit of a talker, I liked to talk…a lot. And I guess one day I came home really upset because one of the popular girls told me (as I was handing her my Ghostbuster juice box, no joke) that I was not allowed to speak for the rest of the year. My mom loves that story because I guess it was something she had been wanting to tell me for a long time herself.

(We’re going Actors Studio style now – rapid fire!!!!!!)

What is your favorite word?


What is your least favorite word?


What turns you on (creatively/spiritually/inspiration)?

Jon Hamm. In all of those ways mentioned….and in another way not mentioned. 

What turns you off?


What is your favorite curse word?

Gasp! A lady never reveals her favorite curse word! She just shouts it out her car window when bicyclists are in her way. (It’s assweed, always has been, always will be.)

What sound or noise do you love?

I had a Blackberry when I was in a really great relationship with a super foxy dreamboat, so the Blackberry text message sound continues to be my favorite sound even though I no longer have a Blackberry and the boy is sort of an assweed now. It still reminds me of all the cute texts he used to send me. 

What sound or noise do you hate?

Auto-tuned voices in any kind of music. T-Pain, I’m looking at you. 

What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?

Dominatrix (not kidding, either)

What profession would you not like to do?

Once I photographed a Glass Blowing class. It was really hot in there. Like the bowels of Hell hot. I don’t want to be a Glass Blower. 

If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates?

“Thanks for all your hard work in taking down those zombies. Your techniques are unparalleled! We couldn’t have done it without you.”

See Bree Tweet. See Bree Blog. See Bree kill zombies.

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