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Artists I Adore (And You Should Know About) Series, #4: Rebekah Joy Plett

This is the first artist within this series I’ve featured that I have not met in person, yet flipping through the images within her online portfolio I feel as if she’s known my dreams. Her use of vivid colors along with juxtaposing imagery creates a dreamlike landscape within each work. The work of illustrator Rebekah Joy Plett is rich with subconscious symbolism – the type of imagery our minds only dare to risk when the ego is fast asleep and disarmed from judgment.

These works genuinely and courageously embrace the heart and imagination’s truth and release the inner child from the captivity of adulthood. They are hauntingly pleasurable, innocent and honest. They are rich with unconcentrated emotion, each telling a story. Her story. My story. Your story.

This is all VERY relevant right now because Plett is hosting a contest for readers/viewers to help her find inspiration for her new website design. Visit her blog and follow the directions and you may just be the lucky winner of the most sensational prize I could ever dream up!

What Rebekah Joy Plett is able to do with a pen or brush I hope to one day be able to do with words.

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