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Meet The Peas Interview Series: D.M. Cunningham

Pod: noun

      1. An elongated vessel, as in bean or pea

      2. A protective compartment

Breepod: noun

      1. Literary Agent Bree Ogden’s client list, as nicknamed by said client list.

The Meet the Peas interview series is intended to give readers a closer look at the personality that makes up Bree Ogden’s Client List. And let’s be real for a second, this group is bursting at the seams with personality.

Today, we discover the uncharted territory inside the mind of Literary Asylum’s first inmate, author of the soon-to-rock-your-world Middle Grade Novel Pair of Normals, and Fashion Icon: D.M. Cunningham.

What was your most embarrassing moment either as a child or adult?

One of my first gigs on a film shoot as a production assistant I was waiting around like everyone does in between takes. This was a big commercial and the camera was locked down to shoot this FX shot. If the camera was bumped or moved it would be a total nightmare. Well, being the curious person that I am, I was standing about four feet away from the camera and there was this focus pulling device laying on the table. I picked it up and started turning the dial. I heard screaming from all kinds of people. I looked up at the monitor and saw the lens snapping back and forth on focal length.

Guess what? The focus puller was connected to the camera and I BLEW the entire shot. It was hands down the worst day of my beginning career. I actually wasn’t fired but I was the butt of all jokes for a long time. I had to work really hard to get out of that one.

When was your first date and/or kiss?

First kiss had to be with Olivia Newton John and her picture on the Grease Album. It was just me and her and Hopelessly Devoted to You belting out on the mono record playing device. Yes, I said record and mono.

Following the “Breakfast Club” rules to sweeping generalization stereotypes, what kind of teenager were you?

I would say that I am a Breakfast Combo of the Geek, Criminal, and Basket Case. There are many aspects of each of them that I embody. I lean mostly toward the geek side. My creative side can be dark and twisted with a lot of humor to it. I hung out with all types in school and I wasn’t stuck having to hang with just the dorks or rockers or goths or preppies. I was in a band and that made me friends with a lot of people.

Guilty Pleasures: Song? Movie? TV Show?

Song – Any Hip Hop song that white people know all the lyrics too and dance like lunatics when it comes on. You know what I’m talking about Jiggy peeps!

Movie – This is a hard one for me because I LOVE cheesy movies and most people would call the movies I watch “guilty pleasures”. To me they are just pleasurable and completely dorky and good. Some prime examples would be – Dodgeball, Nacho Libre, Never Been Kissed, Dead and Breakfast, and some of Michael Bay’s movies (shriek, I know – but Transformers was a face melter).

TV Show – Hannah Montana is my GP for sure. I love the zany, quirky, chaos ensues nature of the show. And the fact that just her blond wig is enough to hide her identity, much like Superman and Clark, is an enjoyable leap of faith.

Describe the best meal you ever had:

My honeymoon in Bora Bora, my wife and I had some of the best Lamb in my entire life. The food at the resort was off of this planet good. Every day, every meal was insanely tasty. That lamb was amazing. AND the ravioli I had, again with my wife, at Peppone’s in Brentwood, CA. The absolute best I have ever had. I wanted to take it home with me and sing to it.

What’s something on your Bucket List you haven’t tried yet? Why is it on the List? Why haven’t you tried it?

First on the list is NOT kicking the Bucket before I can accomplish the list. I would say one thing on my list is playing a smoking guitar solo. I have been playing for a while and it is one of those things that takes time to sit down and practice and practice and practice. Which we know there isn’t a lot of time to do. It’s on the list because I love chunky guitar riffs and screaming leads. Plus my wife thinks it’s pretty cool when I jam out and get into rock star pose!

What’s a story about you your Mother always tells?

I was really big into this Miami Vice stage when I was a young teenager. I had to dress like Don Johnson in the ridiculous bright colors and linens and blazers and boat shoes all the time. I thought I was so cool. Okay, it was pretty cool. When she asked how I was doing in school, I said “okay”. Well in my terms, okay meant – not getting suspended (the Bender aspect).

Days later she got a letter in the mail from the school saying that I was not doing “okay” and that I needed to get my act together basically. She was so made at me that she pounded Don Johnson’s face on the collector cover of a magazine I had. It was like she was hammering me through Don. I took some serious offense to that. How dare she smack Crockett around!! We laugh about that all the time now. Back then it was devastating.

(We’re going Actors Studio style now – rapid fire!!!!!!)

What is your favorite word?

I’m really liking the word CLEAN right now. Clean house, clean writing, clean feet (that’s a big one – hate dirty feet – drives me crazy Ahhhh!)

What is your least favorite word?


What turns you on (creatively/spiritually/inspiration)?

Creatively – Passion for what you do – write, art, music, cook, sewing – you name it. If you do it well and you love it. That is a turn on.
Spiritually – Wisdom (knowing that there is not just one single way, also knowing it is all connected)
Inspiration – My family is my inspiration. Making them proud pushes me every day.

What turns you off?


What is your favorite curse word?

I have two – Chapstick and DingleDork

What sound or noise do you love?

My wife and daughter laughing, their voices.

What sound or noise do you hate?

Loud people that HAVE to talk over you because they don’t know how to listen. Babbling white noise.

What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?

MONSTER TRUCK driver! Smashing things with a big truck would be so cool. And I would have a giant Frankenstein’s Monster face on the front of my truck. FrankenTrucker. I would play a lot of Motley Crue too when I was driving around the stadium.

What profession would you not like to do?

Doctor. Too much stress. And if I had to tell someone that their loved one might not make it, I would be a total mess.

If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God save when you arrive at the Pearly Gates?

I have two answers because there are two sides to me on this subject.

Humor: Welcome, people have been dying to reconnect!

Serious: Welcome, here there is no waiting (I don’t mean lines either)

See D.M. Tweet. See D.M. Blog. See D.M. Rock Out.

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