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Conversations With My Agent

Monday, August 30, 2010 – 2:00(ish) am EST

Me: “I can’t wait to write the next few. I’ve been having ideas.”

Bree: “Yeah?”

M: “Yeah… I’m stoked to develop Character X and Character Z’s relationship… it’s going to be crazy.”

B: “Nice! I Love Character Z. So hot!”

M: “I know, right?! It’s going to be so intense. It’ll TOTALLY be like when a tornado meets a volcano! It’s all just going to build and build…”

B: “…wait, what?”

M: (pregnant pause) “…huh?”

B: “Did you just quote Eminem? Seriously?”

M: “…well, I mean it’s like when…”

B: “No, really. Is that quote from somewhere else and Eminem happened to quote it too?”

M: “…maybe, but I don’t know…”

B: “So you quoted Eminem.”

M: (pregnant-with-twins pause) “…yup.”

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