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Meet the Peas Interview Series: Renae Mercado

Pod: noun

      1. An elongated vessel, as in bean or pea

      2. A protective compartment

Breepod: noun

      1. Literary Agent Bree Ogden’s client list, as nicknamed by said client list.

The Meet the Peas interview series is intended to give readers a closer look at the personality that makes up Bree Ogden’s Client List. And let’s be real for a second, this group is bursting at the seams with personality.

In this installment we meet author of Young Adult novel, Fatal Beauties: Renae Mercado.

What was your most embarrassing moment either as a child or adult?

My gosh there are so many! If I had to pick one I would say when I was in college, working at Claire’s and I passed out while at work.  My boss was showing us the tape from her eye surgery and I just hit the floor.  Something with eyeballs.  I can’t handle them.  Of course everyone was freaked out and they called my parents.  Not to mention customers in the store…not a fun day at work.

When was your first date and/or kiss?

This should be my most embarrassing moment!  My first kiss was at the skating rink in sixth grade.  It was one of those instances where my friends and I were seated on the benches with our boyfriends, someone counted to three and everyone kissed.  Absolutely ridiculous!  

Following the “Breakfast Club” rules to sweeping generalization stereotypes, what kind of teenager were you?

If any it would be the princess because I was spoiled rotten.  But I was more the cheerleader/dance type.  Yes, I was in drill team with the tasseled boots and all! 

Guilty Pleasures: Song? Movie? TV Show?
Song- Hard to choose because I love music!  But I would have to say, No Surprise by Daughtry

Movie- Harry Potter…I am a nut when it comes to those movies.  My son has already claimed he will not be seeing The Deathly Hallows with me.

TV Show- Vampire Diaries (Sorry Bree! I know how you are with vamps, but that show is addictive!)

Describe the best meal you ever had:

The best meal I ever had was the last time my family and I got together at my grandparents house before my grandpa passed away.  My grandmother is the most amazing cook and my family is fantastically crazy, so when we all get together it’s quite the event!

What’s something on your Bucket List you haven’t tried yet? Why is it on the List? Why haven’t you tried it?

At the top of my bucket list is to visit New York City.  I live in the middle of nowhere.  Literally.  And New York has always been a place I would love to see up close.  I haven’t been yet for a number of reasons.  When I lived at home, my dad always said it was just another big city.  And now, well with two kids and a million other things going on I haven’t had the time.  But I will make it there someday!  

What’s a story about you your Mother always tells?

Oh my gosh!  When I was little, I loved the movie Grease.  Whenever we would eat at Pizza Hut my parents would let me pick songs on the jukebox.  (Yes they used to have those in Pizza Hut don’t laugh!) Anyway I would always choose a song from Grease and climb up on the chairs and dance.  In my defense I was only six or seven and had encouragement.  For some reason my mother loves this story and still tells people!

(We’re going Actors Studio style now – rapid fire!!!!!!)

What is your favorite word?


What is your least favorite word?

Hurry…my son says this at least fifteen times every time he goes shopping with me.  Drives me crazy!

What turns you on (creatively/spiritually/inspiration)?

 Music-I love listening to music.  Whatever my mood it helps.

What turns you off?

Someone asking me “What are you doing?” when it’s completely obvious.

What is your favorite curse word?

Douche-bag (it’s a long story)

What sound or noise do you love?

Listening to my kids laugh. 

What sound or noise do you hate?

My alarm clock 

What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?

A dentist!  My dad is a dentist and everyone fears him! 

What profession would you not like to do?

Construction.  Working outside?  No thanks! 

If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates?  

“It’s about time you arrived!” (Because I hope to be very, very old before I get there!)

See Renae Tweet. See Renae Blog. See Renae Sing.

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