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The Importance of Being Cheesiest

A fair warning, this entry will seem cheesy to some. Actually, this entry will seem cheesy to most, including those it’s about. But this evening (this early morning) I am overwhelmed with gratitude for my creative peers and the luck that has been bestowed upon me to be challenged weekly.

The persons in question? Bob Wieck, Andrew Seiler, Brian Papandrea, Erik Heilner, Matthias Schneider and Scott MacDonald.

I’m an improviser, not because I have lofty dreams of being on SNL or Sonic Commercials, but because it challenges me creatively and keeps the dreaded “writer’s block” at bay. It keeps the gears of my imagination moving and forces me to stay out of my head, or if I ever end up there, to get out immediately. It keeps me connected to my imagination by bypassing the ego.

Improvisation on the stage helped me improvise on the page by keeping my mind moving, and quite literally, by arming me with tools of storytelling I applied directly to writing fiction.

Time jump to a couple months ago: an offer of representation, a contract, celebration, reality, a marketing proposal, another section to the marketing proposal, and another, pitches, rejections, irons in the fire… It’s a lot for a mind to compute. It’s enough to block a creative mind. It’s enough to get you in your head.

Which it did.

Time jump again to this past week. I missed writing. The immediate adrenaline rush of an idea forming in one’s mind, vibrating through every limb until somehow making it’s way out through the fingertips onto the page or screen. I haven’t had this feeling in a while. I needed a fix. Badly.

But it wasn’t coming. I was stunted.

Then, tonight, I met up with my guys… my Men, as I call them. A group of creatives/performers I have the honor of meeting with every Sunday night to play pretend and create “Make ‘Em Ups” for an audience willing to laugh.

All week I’ve been banging my fists together asking the universe to unclog the plumbing of my imagination, to Drano that Shit and get the ideas flowing. Then finally, tonight these guys gave me the gift of Creative Drano. I booked it home to get the ideas down. And the adrenaline has pumped each hour since then.

So a big thanks to these guys, these fellow members of “Vulcan Hipsters” (That’s our team name!) for clearing out my creative plumbing (and I’m sure I’m going to hear a BUNCH of punchlines regarding that statement next time I see them).

But here’s my golden nugget of wisdom to others, to  the Anonymously Aspiring… get yourself a group like this. Get yourself some Vulcan Hipsters, in whatever form they may take. Expand your creative reach into something beyond writing to feed your writing, and surround yourself with those who are imaginative and playful so that when you begin taking yourself or your work too seriously, they can remind you where to return in order to open the writing gates once again.

This is a business. But before it was that, it was play. Surround yourself with people who will remind you of that in their own way every chance they get… or at least every Sunday night.

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