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20 Days of Thanks – Day 2

It’s no surprise to those who know me or read my regular Twitter and Facebook gushing over these two, but despite the repetition there is no number of mentions that will fully express how thankful I am for my nieces, Avery and Addison.

These two have taught me so much about love and the imagination. They are as sassy as they come and constantly keep my creativity on its toes. They are the cure-all for any creative block.

As an aunt, I couldn’t be more proud. As a writer, I couldn’t be more grateful. When I first decided to take on the terrifying task of writing a book I started by writing these two as an exercise. Then I pulled at the characters like a taffy wheel and have ended up with two women that I adore writing. The characters have morphed from their origins, but at the core they are still Avery and Addison.

It’s something I’ll admit to them one day, but for now I’m confident they are aware of their role in this creative adventure. A year ago I printed out the first draft of my completed manuscript and handed it to my sister-in-law (their mom)  to read. A few mornings later, I found the first few pages of the manuscript on the kitchen table, a box of crayons spilled out around it. On the cover page was a dedication scribbled in crayon: “To Avery Bacheller and Addison Bacheller.”

Yeah, they know.

And to document for the future, the first draft dedication page… as written by Avery Bacheller.

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