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20 Days of Thanks – Day 5

Today, I’m showering gratitude upon my co-author – The Pentel R.S.V.P. Fine pen. These are my favorite pens maybe because they’re amazing. Maybe because I made a habit of using them to write and my love for writing has spilled over onto them. Who knows.

What I do know is they’re really difficult to find and therefore buy up as much as I can when I do. Then I protect them to the death because they always get taken if I lend them out. I am now that person who will dig through my purse for a Bic to lend to you when you need rather than allow you to come within feet of the Pentel readily available in my hand.

Too many partners-in-writing-crime have been taken hostage and then lost to oblivion.

No more.

I guess it’s fair to say though that the sometimes borderline violent attachment I have for these pens is a reflection of my attachment to the act of writing. Whether it’s fiction, journalism, non-fiction, journaling, blogging, commercial copy or simply writing out a greeting card, there is something about the physical act of gliding my thoughts across a page with this tool, the emotion of which behind it leaving an impression on the page. A bread crumb trail of how I felt, how I thought, who I was just seconds ago.

God, I love this.

2 comments on “20 Days of Thanks – Day 5

  1. Michelle B
    November 10, 2010

    My only clepto tendencies are toward pens like these. Yes, I feel your pen… uh, pain!

    • Kate Grace
      November 10, 2010

      I used to be a pen clepto, but seriously writing just doesn’t feel as good using anything else. And I SWEAR Pentel isn’t paying me to say that.

      A friend misplaced a Pentel of mine months ago (I was hesitant about lending it, but he needed one). I never got it back and I didn’t speak to him the rest of the evening.

      They’re just so difficult to find!

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