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A bit about Bree Ogden and an Excerpt from Rebekah Joy Plett’s WIP

I adore my agent, partially because she’s my agent and mostly because she is Bree Ogden. I adore the fantastically impassioned discussions we have about literature (multi-genre), visual art, journalism, philosophy and Kanye West vs. Eminem.

And boys. Lots and lots about boys.

But what has struck me time and time again is her dedication and passion for supporting artists who take risks and create out of that often-battered, always-healing and perpetually-expressing chunks of meat in their chests.

Artists… you all know who you are. You’re the ones metaphorically hunched over because rolling that boulder up the mountain has given you premature back problems. But then along comes wonder woman with a love for zombies and a misplaced admiration for a cocky musician turned brand. She rolls up her sleeves metal cuffs and gets right behind that boulder with you.

And suddenly, the mountain doesn’t seem as high.

The fabulous Bree Ogden (Literary Agent and official Pod Founder) has started a wordpress blog dedicated to her clients, celebrating their work. It’s just another reason why Bree Ogden isn’t just a Literary Agent… she’s a Literary Advocate.

And first up is Bex! Everyone, please enjoy an excerpt from the lovely and amazingly talented Rebekah Joy Plett


Excerpt from Rebekah Joy Plett’s work-in-progress.


2 comments on “A bit about Bree Ogden and an Excerpt from Rebekah Joy Plett’s WIP

  1. Bree Ogden
    February 11, 2011

    that is one of the coolest ways anyone has ever described me. I heart my kitty kate!

  2. Michelle B
    February 11, 2011

    Incredibly well put, Kate! We are a lucky bunch, aren’t we?

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