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Burden – The Prizes Update

The prints are in and the artist and I are both gushing! They’re beautiful. You all are so lucky!

The artist lives in Chicago, I live in Detroit and will be in New York City for the last week in February, so it might take us a couple weeks to get them all out to you, but they are coming!

And again, a big thank you to everyone for your support. It’s been wonderful and weird to come across listings for Burden of the Soul and its trailer throughout the Web, shared by people I have no direct connection to. What started as support for me has blossomed into an audience’s support of a book, and I thank you for that. The Burden trailer is now nearing the 600th view mark in less than two months of being online, and it’s all due to your support and interest.

To those who caught glimpses or got full reads of the manuscript in its early stages on Inkpop, thank you. And to those of you who are contacting me still via email or Facebook reminding me that I promised a second book and offering playful threats until you get it, thank you… and yikes! And to those who have commented on the trailer’s postings “Where can I buy it?” or “Why isn’t it showing up on Amazon?”, thank you.

If only there was an American Idol of literature, am I right?!?! (Unless Snookie ends up on that panel of judges, then you can all throw stones at me for even bringing it up.)

It’s been a wonderful 2011 so far, watching Burden start to build its own following outside of me. It’s like I just tried to tie my manuscript’s shoe and it held its tiny little hand up and said, “I got this.”

I’m moved and humbled by everyone’s generosity and interest. Thank you!

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