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What is A Bit of Grace?

At first it was me – a wink-and-a-smile way of saying you can find a little bit of me in these pages, which you can. But now, the term A Bit of Grace has evolved. It’s no longer simply the site, it’s the banner in which I, as a creative writer, exist under. And then, even more.

I had decided on the name nearly a year ago as a title for this blog, and funny enough, similar to so much of my writing process, I look back on that now and realize the muses smiled knowingly when I nabbed it from the air and plugged it into my domain search. Because the muses knew it wasn’t just a wink-and-a-smile phrase. My muses knew it would come to stand for something so much greater than me or my writing.

These last few years have been difficult across our country and our world, and felt most severely on a local level… some communities more so than others. Whatever brought us to this point – callous, greed, entitlement – of this we can be sure, it was not the first time and it will not be the last. And that’s a sad thought. But whether in good times or in bad I believe there is not only a need for those “with” to be those who “give”, I believe it is an honor and a privilege to support those in our communities moving mountains, giving voices to the invisible, and digging their heels into the ground of defeat saying “I don’t buy that.” We should never simply assume our government or “someone else” is taking care of our neighbors.

A tithe is thought of as a religious offering, but I argue it (or something equivalent or similar) should be considered an act of gratitude. It doesn’t necessarily have to go to a church or religious organization to do good. And lets face it… sometimes (depending on the church) it’s not doing all that much good in the offering plate. This offering of gratitude can go to support issues and initiatives that resonate with you deeply, and that is what creates a change-making momentum, and thus a ripple effect.

This is my belief, that it is not my obligation but my privilege to support causes and groups that do work that I believe passionately in. So, as I’m about to launch into the world of published works, I understand why the muses smiled knowingly on that day nearly a year ago. It was not for the pun, but for what was to come.

A Bit of Grace LLC is the agency that represents me as a fiction and creative author, but it is also the 10% that will be distributed to groups and programs that I believe in. Each book within the Burden of the Soul series will be assigned to a specific organization or initiative, and just as if an agent or publisher would get their percentage, that group will receive theirs. For the sake of Burden of the Soul, all organizations chosen will be directly committed to supporting and protecting the arts, education and/or opportunities offered to youth and teens. The group for Book 1 (eBook and Paperback) has been selected and I look forward to sharing them and their work with you soon. I can tell you when I learned of this organization, I was moved to tears. I was inspired by the strength that exists in the hearts of young women, regardless of circumstance or background. I was humbled by what a young woman can overcome with something so simple, and taken for granted by many of us – someone who believes in you.

So now it’s no longer simply a name of a blog, a site or even an LLC. A Bit of Grace refers to the “bit of grace” I feel we all have the opportunity to give to those doing good works in our communities – locally, nationally or globally.

And the muses smiled.


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