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Hock a Reality TV “Star” Brand, why dontcha!

Bravo, New York Times! I’m interested to hear what people think. Is it publishing or consumers steering this trend train? Has anyone actually read a book hocked by written by a Jersey Shore/Hills/Housewife/Generic-Reality-TV-Flash-in-the-Pan-We’ll-Never-Remember-You-The-Way-We-Remember-Puck (Anyone remember Judd Winick?) Star?

What are your thoughts on the trend and its overwhelming presence on bookstore shelves? Here’s an excerpt from the New York Times article about the Ghostwriting and Celebrity Book trend:

Like a branded fragrance or clothing line, the novel — once quaintly considered an artistic endeavor sprung from a single creative voice — has become another piece of merchandise stamped with the name of celebrities, who often pass off the book as their work alone despite the nearly universal involvement of ghostwriters. And the publishing industry has been happy to oblige.

“Publishers are smart enough to cash in where it’s appropriate,” said Ira Silverberg, a literary agent. “The question, I think, for many of us is: Is it simply commerce and we should laugh it off? Or does it take a slot away from a legitimate writer?”

What do you all think?

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