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Beta Readers Chime In: Paige Lussier Johnson

“I loved Burden of the Soul! I dove into the world of the characters – I was mesmerized, moved. As I turned each page I fell deeper and deeper into the vivid reality Kate Grace has created here. It felt so real. I  could see the world in which these characters lived – the corner, the park, the ivy.  I could feel the emotions of the characters –  love, fear, doubt, insecurity and faith

“The book shook me and made me think about it for weeks if not months. I am officially hooked! I can not wait for the next installment!”

Thank you, Paige! We’ll be sharing more opinions straight from our Beta Readers in the coming weeks, all leading up to the release of Burden of the Soul and FINALLY the opportunity to open the floodgates and hear what everyone thinks!

There’s so many topics in this book, so many real-life complexities we all deal with every day and in each stage of our lives. Love and loss between family, friends, lovers while also exploring the idea that both good and evil exists within each of us – the story our lives tell depends on which one we allow to take the reins. Fate is the choices we mixed with the limitless possibility each breathe brings with it!

We’re excited for Burden of the Soul to spark the sharing of stories and feelings, not just opinions on the book. It’s our hope these pages and the use of the internet can connect each of us with others in a way that goes beyond being a fan, and becomes being  a friend.

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