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Beta Readers Chime In: Bree Ogden

I wanted to take a minute before showing you this Beta Reader’s response to Burden of the Soul to introduce you to this Beta Reader. For those who may be unfamiliar, Bree Ogden is not only a literary agent extraordinaire, but she is also a gift to writers of all styles and backgrounds.

There are few people I’ve met thus far in my lifetime that can match Bree’s passion and love for storytelling of all kinds – through the written word, through visual arts, through shadow puppets, etc. For creatives in any medium, in any genre… she is our champion. Every day she goes to the mattresses for creativity… our very own Wonder Woman.

She was one of the first to read Burden of the Soul and is the only person on this earth (other than myself) that has an idea of where it is going. Having said that, don’t even think about trying to get information out of her. Wonder Woman keeps my secrets safe. So with that, lets see what Bree had to say about reading Burden of the Soul:

I remember opening Kate Grace’s manuscript, Burden of the Soul, around 1 am one early morning. Although I was tired, I was immediately sucked into a world of strong sensations. Intrigue, action, love and intense hatred—but perhaps most importantly, the emotion that sits firmly between those two sentiments—passion.

I read Burden of the Soul through the night; unable to tear my tired eyes from my computer screen. There were times when my heart beat so slowly out of a deep emotional response to the characters’ pain. And there were times when my heart beat rapidly at the fear and excitement Kate was able to portray so flawlessly in her manuscript.

I finished within hours* and by the end, my jaw hung slack. I was utterly in love with the characters and felt a deep emotional connection with them.

This book challenges the reader to step a bit out of the realm of reality while surprisingly keeping a strong foot planted firmly in reality. It challenges the reader to open their mind to all sorts of emotions and it breaks through the stale barriers of standard young adult literature. This is truly a piece of art.

I am lucky enough to know glimpses of what is to come in the following Burden books, and as I learn, piece-by-piece, it literally blows my mind.

Kate is an exquisite writer, she knows just how to elicit reactions and emotions from her readers at the right times. But she also knows how to pull back when the reader needs a little action break to throw in some romantic scenes that will steal your heart. You won’t know what to do with yourself at the end of Burden of the Soul.

Highly Recommended!

*Burden of the Soul, by no means, a short book and thus far Bree holds the record for quickest read, followed closely by Leah Marie Heskett and Haily Campione Zureich, two other Beta Readers you’ll be hearing form soon. We are flattered and deeply grateful for your tired eyes, ladies!

Be sure to connect with Bree Ogden through her blog or her Twitter feed for great information on the literary world, recommendations to breaking-the-norm blogs and sites to get your reader’s eyes or writer’s tips giddy with joy.

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