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Beta Readers Chime In: Toby Main

Ooooh, it’s a gent! And ladies, he comes with a British accent and a dapper smile. (And a beautiful fiance, but dare to dream!) Toby Main did me the most generous of favors by offering up his mad “attention to detail” skills as a copy editor during the early stages of writing Burden of the Soul. I was taken aback and reminded him once again that this was, in fact, a Young Adult Paranormal/Urban Fantasy novel.

But like the trooper he is, he took that manuscript, had his assistant print it out (Toby works one of those big, important jobs somewhere in Europe where they have assistants and Out of Office replies). To my amazement, the feedback that started coming in began to reveal a bit of a change in Toby as a reader. Mere copy edits shifted to notes of surprise and excitement, confessions that the manuscript was being read on a plane, in a cab, on a weekend holiday (oh yes, he said “holiday”) because he couldn’t put it down.

And he refers to Burden of the Soul as BOTS, which cracks me up!

“Gripping, unputtdownable, fantastic and quite simply leaves you wanting more. If the book was a drug it would be Class A*. Addictive story lines with characters that everyone can identify with. No matter where you are, taxi, plane or simply on the sofa you will want to be near BOTS**!”

-Toby Main

When writing Burden of the Soul, my goal was to tell a story so real and rooted in human relationships that there would be characters and aspects of the story that anyone regardless of age or gender could connect with. And after seeing Toby’s response to the novel, I am so happy to see that it reached out and connected to him. I think it’s safe to say it touched him. (You hear that, Toby. My novel touched you. It touched you, Toby.)

*Kate Grace, A Bit of Grace LLC and Toby Main do NOT encourage the use of drugs or the objective to find out what Class A means in this instance. We do however recommend Trainspotting as a fantastic read when you’re old enough to read Scottish dialect and know those characters are not role models.

**By “BOTS” Toby means Burden of the Soul, not actual Robots. Unless you’re into that sort of thing.

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