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Beta Readers Chime In: Leah Marie Heskett

When we approached Leah about being a Beta Reader her response, if I remember correctly, was, “It’s about freaking time!” And what a perfect Beta Reader she turned out to be. She devours anything action adventure and has read just about every Young Adult title you can think of, whether it’s paranormal, suspense, urban fantasy, romance, or whatever.

Leah’s open to all genres, yet has a very discerning taste. She won’t be won over easily, and if she can’t relate to the characters or the story, she’s going to move on to the next. That’s why I was not only relieved to hear she made it through Burden of the Soul, but SHOCKED to hear that it had grabbed her so completely that she stayed up all night reading. Here’s what she had to say:


Burden of the Soul – it’s a fast-paced, page turner! I stayed up all night reading it (with a migraine and 6 months pregnant…!) A novel with such great description that it feels like you are there…it made me laugh, cry, and get angry, even irritated. An amazing love story with enough action to make just about anyone happy :) I always come into series late in the game, and I’m so glad I hopped on this train before it left the station! The anticipation for the next book is almost unbearable! Burden of the Soul WILL be the next big thing, I have no doubt about that!


Thanks, Leah! Remember to connect with the A Bit of Grace LLC Facebook page to get up-to-date information on Burden of the Soul, its coming release, contents and more. We have a tone of stuff planned for July leading up to the release, all of which will be exclusive to our Facebook fans. So remember to like the page, then share it and help us get the word out! You can find me on Twitter here or A Bit of Grace LLC on here. We can’t wait to hear what you all think and for the chance to share it with other readers. It’s going to be exciting!

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