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The Readers Chime In: Hailey Zureich

Being that I am typically a hard core, Anne Rice, Jane Austen, and Chuck Palahniuk reader I never considered that I would be flipping thru the pages of a “young adult novel.” But I did not know how lucky I would be to read Burden of the Soul.

Burden of the Soul consumed my life for nearly 12 hours straight.  I was compelled by the unique characters, strong relationships, and a nearly divine story.  Once you are hooked it is as though you cannot get away from this page turner.

Kate Grace has a particular writing sense that gives you the details other writers wouldn’t but leaves a great space for the reader to imagine the world for her words that is their own.

Each character is complex, unique, and complete. No one is void of their virtues, flaws, or own particular attitude.  These characters seem quite real, almost as if they are sitting amongst you as a group recanting the adventure.

It is particularly nice to see such a diverse cast of women characters. The leading lady, is a brilliant sample of the average teenage girl who finds out the parts of her that are amazing. She is far more developed than average girl, biting her lower lip, and driven by their latest crush – certainly these are vague parts of everyone, but she has her very distinct personality.

Everyone can connect to her, but there are others.

This is the perfect book for someone who is looking for something to stimulate not only your mind, but also your heart. For the love story wrapped in this action packed adventure, is gripping and I dare say titillating.

The only thing I can say I didn’t like about Burden of Soul, is that the rest of the series isn’t complete.

You hear me, Ms. Grace? I am hungry, for more.


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