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And the winners of the 100 are…

Well, as promised, we loaded up all 380 names of our Facebook fans into an online random selector tool and it spit out these 100 names! Further proof that I never win contests, I didn’t even win a copy of my own book!

So here’s how this is going to work… this list will be active for one week. To claim your prize email me at Kate(at)abitofgrace(dot)com. Let us know the email address you would like us to send your free copy of Burden of the Soul to and whether you prefer Amazon, Barnes and Noble or iBookstore. We must hear from you by 5pm (EST) on Friday, August 5, 2011. After that point the contest will be over.

So check the list for your name. If your name appears in the list send us that email! If you’re not on the list, keep your eyes peeled for more contests and go buy the book! It’s only $2.99 and 10% of the earnings go directly to Alternatives for Girls in Detroit!


Alejandra Castle
Aleshia Wilkinson
Allysa Minyard
Amber Nicole
Angela Gayle
Anna McKenna
Araceli Navarro
Ariauna Holloman
Aubrey Finch-Smith
Aubrey Moore
BeeReeczithaa Pathinszon Hdesz
Beza Griffin
Bree Ogden
Brianna Clary
Britnee Danae Crawford
Brittany Jess Snyder
Brittini Gray
Brooklyn Pluger
Brye Miller
Cassandra Ortiz
Cecii BarraZa
Christina Dockstader
Daisy Diaz
Deanna MsDrizzy Goodman
Destiny Vickers-Good
Dominique Porter
Echo Dassinger
Erin B Daly
Fabiha Hasan
Georgina Corral
Gerald Knight
Giinnaa Ramírez
Gloria Sofia’ Adame
Haleigh Sylvester
Haley Dubois
Helen Seiler
Holly Smith
J.c. Harvison
Janice Jeannice Parker-Neecie
Jay Marie Sullens
Jennifer Marcinkowski
Jennifer Ojeda
Jerkeria Wyatt
Jessica Sophia Seroka
Jessica Tackett
John Ryan Hebert
Joy Lou
Julia Willard
Julio Pagan
Kaitlin Rene
Kasey Harkins
Kasey Lodatto
Kassidy Simon
Kate White
Katelyn Badgley
Kealia See
Kirsten Thompson
Kite Enoie
Koral Cardinal
Kourtney TaylorGang Richard
Lakiya Stiger
Lanford Beard
Lindsay McLeod
Lindsey ‘Garvey’ DaSilva
Lindsey Lee Gerberich
Linsey Lynn Matthews
M’xell Jennie
Macqueline Foss
Maky Galindhoo
Marissa Elizabeth Tedford
Marissa Simmons
Meghan Kuschner
Melanie Talbot
Melinda Chance
Mitchi GothicanDeathray Smith
Morgan Jane Mayfield
Nadia Darinka Angel Gonzalez
Nina Okiku Stevens
Olivia Tottle
Perla Tóxic
Peter Landau
Pj Jacokes
Riley Motes
Sara Corre
Sara Duffield
Sara Kyle Goodman
Savanna Stilwell
Sierra Rayn Horner-Twete
Sophie Louise Davies
Stephanie Lee
Taga Lawrence
Tasha Taylor
Taylor Nabors
Teri Lynne Richards
Tiffany Mercer
Twilia Jene
Vanessa Sanchez
Vung Itnu
Yaniz Salas
Yushna Dhurma

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