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Burden of the Soul reviewed

One of the first reviews have come out from the wonderful and gracious Allie Sanders over at Allie Sanders Writes & Rambles. I e-met Allie a while back on Inkpop and have since stayed in touch through Twitter and what a wonderful support she has been. Always honest and a great sounding board for the writing snags you run into when taking on the beast that is writing a novel.

To be completely honest, I was nervous to hear what she thought cause she knows what she’s talking about. As a writer herself and an avid reader in the genre, I anxiously waited to get word of what she thought of Burden of the Soul. Then let out a DEEP sigh of relief when word got back to me that she enjoyed it. Then imagine my elation when I read this review:

The concept of life, death, and continuation of souls presented in this novel are entirely unique to Kate. In creating her paranormal world she combined a lot of elements from many religions around the world as well as a few twists of her own to create a fascinating concept of what happens after we die and what happens to our souls.
Urban Fantasy at it’s finest Kate brings the world of the dead and old souls into New York City to play. While we may travel to the other side of the veil to discover what happens to us after we die we’re never so far away from reality that those of us who aren’t fans of fantasy novels aren’t going to be tempted to walk away.
Go check out her full review of Burden of the Soul, then connect with Allie on Twitter. You’ll be happy you did!

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