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YAtopia asks those burning questions

The wonderful Sharon Johnston over at YAtopia interviewed me about Burden of the Soul and founding A Bit of Grace LLC. I realize a bunch of you popping over this way are more interested in finding out about a new publisher and how you can submit, and I promise you that day will come, but for now we feel obligated to working out our practice rounds on my books and not potentially screwing up the ePub tab indents on another author’s pride and joy.

(Note to myself: Add “correct Burden of the Soul tab indents in the iTunes ePub file” to To-Do list)

(Note to myself: Don’t freak out by how long this To-Do List is getting.)

Some highlights from the interview that are getting the most reactions are the alternative publishing process A Bit of Grace is taking along with its commitment to an “Angel’s Share”, my writing process of stepping aside and allowing the subconscious to run wild, and why I did the unthinkable and withdrew Burden of the Soul from Submission to publishers and parted ways with an agent new authors are tripping over themselves to get to.

Read it all here in Part 1, and then head over and read the rest in Part 2.


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