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Lend a hand to Detroit and Little Dove Bakeshop

I’m a baseball fan, and I love my Tigers! Having lived in NYC for a few years, you can probably imagine the smack talk that went down between me and Yankee fan friends on Facebook last week. Most was all fun in games, but there were a few that really got to me. Mostly from people allowing their smack talk to veer from sports to the city of Detroit.

I work in Detroit. I live Downriver. Granted, while growing up here I was strictly forbidden from going down to Detroit, particularly unchaperoned. It’s true, if you look at only a chapter of Detroit’s story, it’s easy to make jokes and shake your head and do the “aint that a shame” tsk tsk tsk and then go about your business because really… it doesn’t effect you.

Or does it?

We see examples all over the country right now of groups standing up and collectively saying “No More” for the whole, but there is still change we can inspire in the parts. Detroit specifically, and I see so many trying to inspire it in beautiful ways. Little Dove Bakeshop wants to open in Detroit, as do other small businesses that would enrich our growing urban community and help set the record straight that Detroit is out of that chapter and taking strides (because of its people) toward a happy ending. This is a small business that not only belongs in the city as a local gem… its owner, Bethany Young, is committed to using profits to help other causes around the city. She donates book bags and school supplies to kids in need. Last I read a seniors home in Detroit requested a field trip to the library so they could all vote online and show her support.

“I want to help Detroit, but there’s nothing I can do.”

Or is there?

Bethany and Little Dove Bakeshop are currently semi finalists in the Hatch Detroit contest going on right now. The finalists will be decided on this Friday and she needs votes. She needs a lot of them and she needs them now. It takes only a few seconds. Just go to this site and click the box next to Little Dove Bakeshop and click to vote. Then, share the link with as many people as you can and tell THEM to vote!

So go… go now. It’s an amazing thing to live during a time when we CAN help our own city or cities far away that we’ve never seen and maybe read about. All it takes is a click today, tomorrow and sharing it with others so they can do the same.

Let’s rally, people! Let’s help out someone with a dream that includes paying it forward!

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