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The wonderful people down at WTOL 11 Morning News invited me down to Toledo today to chat a bit about Burden of the Soul and digital publishing. I was so excited to have my first live television interview that I could hardly sleep last night… which meant I could hardly wake up this morning. Ooops! I BOOKED it down to Ohio (could be a country song, right?) and pulled into the parking lot at 9:02 am. The show had already started. I actually overshot the parking lot entrance by a bit, but that’s what reverse is for!

Luckily, I was there with 10 minutes to spare until my interview. I stood toward the back taking it all in, trying to read the teleprompter and mouth the words along with Tina Shaerban (I totally can’t keep up), watched as the next segments were set up off screen, forgot to put on the lipstick I made such a big deal about putting in my purse and tried to just breathe. I was mic’d and ready to go, nearly relaxed… that’s when the human body parts came in.

Yup! The segment immediately following my interview included body parts… a lung, a heart, etc. They could have been fake. Actually, that’s what I told myself. “Kate, that woman standing next to you is holding a clear bin of FAKE organs. They just look real. Totally fake, no need to pass out. It’s like when you dissected that frog in Jr. High… wait… no, it’s not like that. Calm down! Stop thinking of the frog. The frog is gone. The FROG WAS FAKE TOO!”

I was nervous like crazy but it was such an amazing experience. I can’t remember a thing I said, it all went by so fast. Tina, the producer and everyone there were so lovely to me and I’m really hoping I kept it together enough to give them a good interview.

I’ll post if I can find a link!


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