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Burden of the Soul now in paperback!

It was an amazing feeling to flip through its pages, feel the weight of it in my hands and run my finger down its spine stopping at my name. My name. The title. Burden of the Soul.

It was a moment you forget to anticipate when you’re trudging through all the hard work of writing a book, editing a book, producing a book, publishing a book, so on. You forget to imagine what it will feel like to actually hold it, or at least I did.

So when the proofs finally arrived, I opened the box like my seven-year-old self once did on Christmas morning expecting the latest and greatest Cabbage Patch Doll. It was stunning, my book… I mean, so was the doll but shifting direction back to the book now. I stood in my kitchen for way too long just looking at it and turning it over in my hands, checking the pages. I texted nearly everyone I knew photos of the book. From this angle. Then another angle. And another and another… until the requests came in to stop.

All this hard work, wrapped up in a glossy blanket. Now it’s up to you guys… this world of independent publishing is dependent on the readers. It’s the American Idol culture where you get to choose your favorites out of the masses by voting with your purchase and your voice. By using your social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, texts) to support a book you like. It’s an exciting and oh-so-scary time for an author, cause I’m completely dependent on you all to help this book get out into the world.

If you love reading, if you love Young Adult literature, if you love being a part of creating something, then jump in! Burden of the Soul available now in Paperback and eBook editions! All editions now include the secret chapter 25, told from another character’s perspective.

Get the paperback of Burden of the Soul on Amazon for only $12.99

Get the eBook of Burden of the Soul at Amazon or Barnes and Noble for only $2.99

Give it a read and then cast your vote through Goodreads or Amazon with your reviews. Email me personally at kate@abitofgrace.com if you feel like chatting about it. Or tweet me on Twitter @KateGraceAuthor.


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