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Kate Grace’s Lending Library Lineup

In an effort to get Burden of the Soul in as MANY hands and hearts as possible (in hopes that y’all spread the word about how it keeps you up at night reading, who your favorite character is, repeating the Elijah Wood jokes, etc.), I’m starting what will be known as Kate Grace’s Lending Library Lineup. That’s right. I (of course) have a digital copy of Burden of the Soul on my iPhone (free Kindle app) and am allowed to lend it to anyone for absolutely free! Once its on your device, you have 14 days until it expires and comes back to me, then goes to the next person on the Lineup List.

As with everything, there are two catches:

Catch #1: In order to be added to the Lineup, you must share Burden of the Soul with your friends or readers on the Web. There’s a variety of things you can share… the official Burden of the Soul book trailer, the Amazon link for Burden of the Soul in paperback or Burden of the Soul ebook (only $0.99), the Burden of the Soul Facebook Page, the Burden of the Soul Goodreads page or any post about Burden of the Soul from this blog. So many options! So so so MANY! A stipulation with this Catch is you have to let us know you posted (the whole “tree falls in the woods and no one is around to hear it” theory) so that we know you did. Comment here, tag @KateGraceAuthor or @ABitofGraceLLC on Twitter, repost on the Burden of the Soul Facebook wall OR email me right at kate@abitofgrace.com with your post so we can make sure you get added to the drawing.

And we’ll be using “Dueling Piano Bar” rules to this game… the more you post (the bigger the bill you throw up at the piano) the farther up the Lineup you move!

Catch #2: If you BORROW Kate’s personal digital copy of Burden of the Soul, then she wants to for sure hear what you think and she’s not above bugging you in email to get your thoughts. All of those who borrow from the Kate Grace Lending Library Lineup will be asked to submit to a quick interview via email about their reactions to the book. Good or bad, it will go up. I want to hear your honest reactions, you the readers. All interviews will be conducted through email unless you feel like chatting on the phone or Skype, in which case we can do that.

And the fine print: My digital version is a Kindle eBook so you have to have a Kindle, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android, Computer, …basically ANYTHING because the Kindle app is completely free. In order to receive Kate Grace’s copy for the 14-day lending period, you will have to first download the completely free app.

So… get in the Lineup… POST… TAG (notify us that you did)…READ… and SPREAD THE WORD!

Happy Posting!

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