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“I must start by just saying WOW!!!!!”

I love it when reviews of Burden of the Soul start off with simply “Wow!” They’re floating out there on the Web, on Amazon and Goodreads. Also in my email inbox. But it’s so rewarding to see a book reviewer/blogger have that same reaction. Gina Hamm of the Gypsy Mama Logs Blog recently read Burden of the Soul and had this to say:

I must start by just saying WOW!!!!!  I read a lot of paranormal and urban fantasy type books, but have never read a book quite like Burden of the Soul!!

Kate Grace has created a fantastic and very well fleshed out world of Guardians and Fallen Souls, engaged in an epic battle of good versus evil.  The heroine in this story is very easy to relate to,  and is a step up from many of the annoying and whiny YA heroines I have read lately.

I for one can NOT wait for book two in this series!!!  Grab a copy of  Burden of the Soul today, and be prepared to get lost in an amazing story!!!

Gypsy Mama Logs is hosting a massive giveaway right now where readers can win books or even a Kindle Fire! Head on over there to enter for your chance to win, comment on her Burden of the Soul entry and help us continue to spread the word by sharing her review through Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest!


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