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Burden of the Soul, a review by Leonie

I’m so honored for Burden of the Soul to have been the debut review for new YA blogger, Leonie Gleadall! And such an insightful review, too.

Some of my favorite parts:

I have to start with the characters… they are SO individual and each one of them described so precisely that during the course of the story I would find myself smiling at the way in which I thought a specific character would behave or how a certain scenario might affect them.

The story itself is jam packed with the type of painful love that makes you ache from within in both the snuggly, warm way and the so-sad-I-could-tear-my-heart-out kind of way.

…a true contender for the best YA book I have read in the last 12 months. An astounding debut – can’t wait for the next installment!

Check out the whole review at her new blog, and be sure to bookmark the page while you’re there. I’m excited to see where her reading adventures take her (so I can follow a few strides behind)! Click here to read Leonie’s full review of Burden of the Soul.

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