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Our Army of Helpers!

Thanks to all of you who helped us get the word out over the weekend about Burden of the Soul, and remember… every share, every review, every recommendation makes a HUGE difference for this series’ future. So keep sharing, keep reviewing and keep recommending!

As promised we have some autographed paperbacks for those who were just relentless with their help. If your name is below, shoot me an email with your address and we’ll get your prize out to you!

Jennifer Arens

Litonya Garrett

Shannon “@ldylarke”

Jeni Borrusch Pifer

Danyelle Pinkerton

A big thank again to everyone for your help. There will be some surprises coming for you soon. Before you know it, Book 2 will be here!

3 comments on “Our Army of Helpers!

  1. Shannon Hutcheson
    April 3, 2012

    oh my goodness!!! I never win stuff šŸ˜€ Thank you so very much!

  2. Danyelle Pinkerton
    April 15, 2012

    Ohh, I’m part of an army? Excellent!

  3. Jennifer Arens
    April 19, 2012

    I never win stuff! I am beyond excited!! Thanks, can’t wait for book number 2!

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