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Hey, Book Clubs… let’s Skype!

I’m getting messages and comments from a bunch of readers about Burden of the Soul, and keep those messages coming! I love hearing what you think and about your reading experience. And then there’s so many of you who are going above and beyond letting me know what you thought of the book, you’re posting reviews and ratings on Amazon, Goodreads, through Twitter or Facebook. You have no idea how much this helps and how grateful I am for it! The evolving publishing landscape puts the “Power of the End Cap Display” right in readers’ hands.

Your Reviews, Your Blogs, Your Tweets, Your Facebook Timeline, Your Pinterest Board, etc: The Modern Day End Caps. And it’s a beautiful thing!

Anything I can do for you guys in return I am happy to do, particularly a chance to show my gratitude! So I’ll be starting a book club series for any and all readers that want to jump on Skype. If you’ve read Burden and think your friends would dig it, organize a book club meeting and I will “attend” via Skype to chat and answer questions, or just talk writing, publishing, etc.

If you’re interested in putting together a group or scheduling a Skype Date, shoot me a message at kate (at) abitofgrace (dot) com.


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